Avaruni Instant Brightening Facewash + Susncreen SPF50 PA+++


The Avaruni Luxury Combo includes the  Avaruni Instant Brightening Face Wash, and the Avaruni SPF50 Sunscreen. The combo is formulated in a way to work together where each product complements the other for better results and healthier skin.



Avaruni Instant Brightening Face Wash

Avaruni’s Instant Brightening Face Wash is a revolutionary luxury product formulated using world-class and certified ingredients based on clinical research. It works for all skin types and in all seasons while giving you a natural glow, soft skin, and acne control. Suitable for both, men and women. This gel-based face cleanser gives you instant brightening, as advertised, after washing your face.

Avaruni SPF50 Sunscreen

Avaruni’s premium SPF50 Sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage completely, all day long. It provides protection from UVA and UVB rays that can cause skin cancer, pigmentation, dullness, and freckles, among other complications. It also protects your skin from dirt, pollution, and carbon while hydrating the skin.


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