How to use Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream for Men and Women

Avaruni Skin Lightening cream contains natural ingredients which have been specially formulated from various kinds of herbs. These herbs are mixed in perfect proportion which is absolutely suitable for your skin. The skin lightening cream by Avaruni is suitable for any skin type. The cream can be undoubtedly used by both men and women. Melanin is the pigment which is responsible for skin tone. Due to excess melanin the skin tone become darker. So it is necessary to maintain the melanin quantity for getting an appropriate skin tone. This work is done by the skin lightening cream by Avaruni. Its special natural ingredients are responsible in maintaining the melanin percentage of the skin. This in turn removes tan from the skin and makes it look brighter. Hence get a celeb look by using this cost efficient skin lightening cream by Avaruni.

Usage of Avaruni skin lightening cream is very simple and easy. The procedure is same for men and women. 

Few tips before getting into the process of using the wonder cream

  • It is always suggested to use natural or mild products on your face while on Avaruni skin lightening cream as natural products will not react with this cream and cause side effects. 
  • Avoid direct sun rays to get 100% result from Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream.
  • Try to use a good sunscreen cream of around SPF-50.


Step 1: The cream needs to be used at night. So clean your face with some natural or mild soap before going to bed.

Step 2: The Avaruni skin lightening fairness cream is a readymade cream which you need to directly apply on your face. So after washing apply this cream on your face. Apply the cream all over your face even on the eyelids, the area above the lips and the area surrounding the eyes.

Step 3: Now do not wash and go to bed for a nice sleep by leaving the cream over night. 

Step 4: Wake up in the morning and remove the cream from the face by cleaning with a damp cotton or cloth. 

Step 5: Now wash your face again with the natural or mild soap. If you follow this procedure, then you can see visible difference within 15 days of its usage. But for permanent results you have to use the cream for four to five months continuously in regular basis.

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