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Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream gives the complete skin solution for men and women

We cannot deny the fact that men skin is completely different from women skin. Men skin is more harsh and oily whereas women skin is more of acidic in nature. As the skin types are different, so the treatment for the skins must also differ. Making an advanced thinking about this fact, Avaruni has formulated its skin lightening cream for both men and women. The ingredients are Ayurvedic so that they do not encounter any kind of side effect after use. Whenever we talk about any skin lightening cream, the first thing that comes to our minds is bleach. Bleach contains a chemical reagent hydroquinone which is responsible for removing harsh spots of your skin. Whereas, some skin lightening creams contain retinoic acid which also works actively for de-pigmentation of your skin. But these ingredients are chemical agents. Hence they can cause serious side effects if you are allergic to them. But Avaruni best fairness cream contains all natural ingredients which has no side effects. Earlier women were cautious about their skin conditions and would take proper care of their skin. But presently men are also careful about their skin quality and they also started to take care of their skin. This makes them feel more confident. But they cannot use women products which were ineffective to their skin. Hence Avaruni, keeping this simple concept in mind, formulated this skin lightening cream which suits all skin type. There are various natural homemade ways to treat your skin. But in today’s busy world men and women get very less time to nurture their skin. Hence Avaruni brings this exclusive natural homemade cream composed from Ayurvedic herbs which could be applied directly on the skin to get good results. Avaruni skin lightening cream fights against the following skin problems which are faced by both men and women due to their stressful lifestyle

Tanned skin


Spots and many more



Sun burn

Hyper pigmentation

Spots and many more

But for better results you have to use this cream in a regular basis.


At Avaruni, we offer best of the natural and herbal beauty products for both men and women. What makes our product truly unique is that they are made up of substances extracted from plants, which is both natural and excellent for skin. Our skin lightening cream is 100% natural and herbal. Our range of Ayurvedic Fairness Cream and Face Packs are ideal for dealing with numerous skin problems including:

Research has proved that the harmful and harsh rays of the sun can cause severe damage to our skin by penetrating deep into its layers. Frequent exposure to sunrays can result in a number of skin problems, which can be both severe and difficult to handle. However, with our skin whitening cream, which has been created with assistance from highly-skilled, professional and qualified Cosmetologists, you can restore your lost glow and look effectively!


Our fairness cream for men consists of anti-microbial and antiseptic ingredients, which safeguards the skin against bacteria. The product is ideal for men with all types of skin. The cream is extremely useful in improving the tone of the skin and has no side effects at all. Made from natural herbs, the Avaruni skin whitening cream provides a natural and healthy glow to your skin. 


Jay Prakash (Delhi)

Hello Guys, Believe Me Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream Is Just An Awsome Cream. It Really Works and I Only Started Trusting it When I Used It and saw an Amazing Result. I Had Always Faced Acne & Acne Marks Problem. Getting a Fair Skin Was Not Really My Concern, All I wanted was Getting a Pimple Free Skin From Very Long Time. I Had always noticed My Sister using a Cream but Never Bothered to Check. However One Day I noticed That My sister Too Had Lots of Pimples but After She started using Avaruni Cream Her Skin Got Clear and Lighter Too with No Marks Left of Pimples. I started Using Avaruni Cream Sharing With My Sister for around 10 Days and i Saw Very Good Changes in My Skin. Hence I Ordered One for Myself and I Used it for Another 20 Days and Now My Skin is Acne Free, Lighter, Glowing and Clear. So Now I am Very Happy and Only Few Pimples are Remaining and I am Sure it will be Clear in Another Few Days of Consistent Usage. Really Thanks From The Bottom Of My Heart. Avaruni Lightening Cream Rocks!!

Jay Prakash (Delhi)

Shrikant Kande ( Jabalpur M.P)

Hi! I want to tell Everyone That Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream is One Of The Best Skin Cream & The Result is Beyond My Expectation. Before Using Avaruni I Had Tried So Many Fairness Cream From Market. But None Gave Any Result & I Was Very Disappointed. Finally I Gave Up But One Day My Friend Recommended Me Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream & I Saw My Friends Face Which Was Dark But With The Use Of Avaruni Cream It was Turned Fair & Even Skin. Hence I Was Convinced And I Tried This Cream And The Result You all Can See It Ur self. Thank You Avaruni For Changing My Life. I Feel So Confident Now!

Shrikant Kande ( Jabalpur M.P)

Rahul Singh (Mumbai)

My name is Rahul Singh from Mumbai,I had always suffered from low confidence due to my dark complexion, I tried many lightening creams from other web sites and used it almost 2 months regularly but as usual none of them really worked as they promised. but one day i saw the add pop up of avaruni skin lightening cream so i checked the testimonials on but i got confused about their before & After pics but only one thing made me convinced about their testimonial & product that was the background of every single picture of their customers were different, not at one studio. It meant that those customers have really used the Cream and got those results. so i ordered the product without any doubt in my mind and i felt the change in my complexion every next day it was getting lighter and clear skin. i got the desired result in just 20 days which was really unbelievable. But thanks to Avaruni. Hence i have authorized to use my Name,Picture & Review on their website. I m 100% Satisfied with the Product Quality & Service.

Rahul Singh (Mumbai)

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