Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream 2-4 Shades Lighter + Instant Brightening Facewash

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The Avaruni Luxury Combo includes the Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream, Avaruni Instant Brightening Face Wash. The combo is formulated in a way to work together where each product complements the other for better results and healthier skin.



Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream

Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream is a premium cream that lightens your skin tone. You can get a brighter and even skin tone in 15-20 days. Our Skin Lightening Cream is ultra-lightweight, non-oily, and helps you get 2-4 shades lighter with a natural skin glow like celebs. Further, its healthy ingredients help reduce, heal, and eliminate skin complications such as tanning, sunburns, dark circles, pigmentation, pimples, and other marks.

 Based on Chamomile & Sandalwood Oil

 Derma-grade certified product

 Made with all-natural ingredients

 Uses hydrolyzed honey and aloe vera extract for added benefits

 Uses shea butter, argan oil, and tea tree for skin health




 Made in India

 Not tested on animals, made in a cruelty-free way

 Clinically tested to work as advertised

 Helps achieve a natural glow and moisturization for all skin types

 100% guarantee of results without any side effects

Avaruni Instant Brightening Facewash

Avaruni’s Instant Brightening Face Wash is a revolutionary luxury product formulated using world-class and certified ingredients based on clinical research. It works for all skin types and in all seasons while giving you a natural glow, soft skin, and acne control. Suitable for both, men and women. This gel-based face cleanser gives you instant brightening, as advertised, after washing your face.

1 review for Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream 2-4 Shades Lighter + Instant Brightening Facewash

  1. Shaikh

    good prodct

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