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My name is Rahul Singh from Mumbai,I had always suffered from low confidence due to my dark complexion, I tried many lightening creams from other web sites and used it almost 2 months regularly but as usual none of them really worked as they promised. but one day i saw the add pop up of avaruni skin lightening cream so i checked the testimonials on avaruni.com but i got confused about their before & After pics but only one thing made me convinced about their testimonial & product that was the background of every single picture of their customers were different, not at one studio. It meant that those customers have really used the Cream and got those results. so i ordered the product without any doubt in my mind and i felt the change in my complexion every next day it was getting lighter and clear skin. i got the desired result in just 20 days which was really unbelievable. But thanks to Avaruni. Hence i have authorized Avaruni.com to use my Name,Picture & Review on their website. I m 100% Satisfied with the Product Quality & Service.

Rahul Singh (Mumbai),