Summer Skin Care Tips By Avaruni

Avaruni Skin Lightening Face Cream

Avaruni Summer Skin Care Regime


Summer is here and with all the heat its natural that you get tanned and ur skin gets oily most of the time.
But not to worry with Avaruni Skin Care Regime you can get fresh and glowing skin even in summers.
Steps :-

1. Wash your face with natural face wash which will remove dust from your skin.

2. Then Exfoliate your skin with a good scrub (smoother one which will not tear your skin as face skin is more sensitive then any other part of the body )

3. Moisturise your skin with a good non greecy moisturizer.
(Apply it in morning & night as well before sleeping)

4. Suncreen is a must.. Always apply a sunscreen even if you are at home..

5. Keep yourself hydrated..
Drink atleast 8-10 glass of water everyday..

6. Eat lots of veggies...

7. While going outdoor always cover your face a completely with scarf & wear sun glasses also apply sunscreen lotion (with max protection level with SPF-50 or 70

For bikers always cover your face with bikers mask and wear helmet & sun glasses

8. Do regular Yoga & Exercise for healthy body & peaceful mind & remember to always stay happy and positive 😊
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