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India’s No 1 Face and Skin Lightening Cream for Men and Women

Avaruni Skin Lightening Cream gives the complete skin solution for men and women

We cannot deny the fact that men skin is completely different from women skin. Men skin is more harsh and oily whereas women skin is more of acidic in nature. As the skin types are different, so the treatment for the skins must also differ. Making an advanced thinking about this fact, Avaruni has formulated its skin lightening cream for both men and women. The ingredients are Ayurvedic so that they do not encounter any kind of side effect after use. Whenever we talk about any skin lightening cream, the first thing that comes to our minds is bleach. Bleach contains a chemical reagent hydroquinone which is responsible for removing harsh spots of your skin. Whereas, some skin lightening creams contain retinoic acid which also works actively for de-pigmentation of your skin. But these ingredients are chemical agents. Hence they can cause serious side effects if you are allergic to them. But Avaruni best fairness cream contains all natural ingredients which has no side effects. Earlier women were cautious about their skin conditions and would take proper care of their skin. But presently men are also careful about their skin quality and they also started to take care of their skin. This makes them feel more confident. But they cannot use women products which were ineffective to their skin. Hence Avaruni, keeping this simple concept in mind, formulated this skin lightening cream which suits all skin type. There are various natural homemade ways to treat your skin. But in today’s busy world men and women get very less time to nurture their skin. Hence Avaruni brings this exclusive natural homemade cream composed from Ayurvedic herbs which could be applied directly on the skin to get good results.